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Dating aquarius males

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Aquarius men are an exciting blend of mischief and deep thoughts.If you're looking for mental stimulation, fun and sexiness in one package, then this is the boy for you.

Along these lines he's very unlikely to be into gossip, or to ever be petty.Aquarians are one of the most personable signs in the zodiac.It seems like everywhere that an Aquarius goes; he or she makes a friend.This sign isn't concerned with appearances, beyond common sense and general attractiveness. Somewhere which allows a lot of uninterupted conversation is highly recomended however.Aquarians definitely prefer intellectual partners, and communication is very important to them.Whether you’re looking for a fun fling or to find your perfect love match, here are a few helpful hints for the turn-ons and turn-offs of each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, designed to demystify your dating compatibility!

Turn Ons: The way to an Aries’ heart is through his or her head.

Before you put on a pair of spectacles and start quoting Nietzche, keep in mind that Aries prefers their intellectuals a little more well-rounded and less one-dimensional.

Aries appreciates someone who is smart, but doesn’t bludgeon them with their intelligence and who can temper that brilliance with a good sense of humor.

These tend to be free-thinkers, and sometimes a little eccentric.

They typically look totally normal (no you wont see someone in a purple furry hat! One of their main personality traits is indeed being unpredictable!

The dating game can be as fun as it is frustrating.