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Dating facts in 60s

But a close friend lost a spouse a late last summer and my wife asked me what I would do if something happened to her.

Check it out and let me know if I missed anything in the comments.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.To set the record straight I've been happily married to the same woman for over 35 years, I would do it again and I am not looking to change anything.My granddaughter's date honked the horn and out she came.When I asked my daughter why they young man didn't come in the house for the "look over", the response was "Father you're so old fashioned'. How did one date in the late 1940's and the 1950's?You fall in love, you're jealous; same joy, same everything - you're just a bit more wrinkly'. Women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond don't want to be sexually sidelined, any more than they want to be sidelined by fashion or in the workplace or by life in general.

Sex with cellulite and stretch marks might not look as good as sex without but, as I've discovered, it's just as satisfying.

You talked to your crush/BF on AIM all night instead of texting or Facebook messaging them all night.

Because Facebook wasn’t around yet and if texting was, you probably weren’t allowed to have a cell phone. You had to deal with the total embarrassment of leaving voicemails on landlines.

My older brother gave me his suit to wear and mercifully it fit. Luckily Pops had a shirt that fit me along with a neck tie that was wide and loud. And the last wardrobe requirement, make sure your shoes were shined to impress your date. And, hold on: make sure you walk on her right side and protect her from any possible auto hitting her. And oh yes, don't forget to open the door for your girlfriend and mind your manners. First, lake sure you got to the movie theatre before they changed the price of admission. Everyone liked the restaurant and it was less expensive than most other places at that time. After the movie we went to the restaurant, Hoe Sai Gai which was on Randolph St.

(In those years prices changed depending on the time of day). And lastly, I had to make sure I had enough for the bus fare to return home. and is now the present site of The Chicago City Hall.

Featuring a group of adventurous, life-battered but still lustful oldies, it proved a huge hit.