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Dating hofner basses

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The Selmer company began importing Hofner guitars into Great Britain in 1958 however they did not import 500/1 violin basses until about 1963.It's a good thing Mc Cartney visited Steinway's Music otherwise the Beatles might be known for using a Fender or Rickenbacker bass !

Nothings dropped off, it stays in tune and when it's round your neck you hardly notice it's there.For what it is it sounds fantastic with great bottom end that is perhaps just a little hollow or resonant sounding at times.The switching arrangement gives big variation via each pickup and is interesting.This violin-shaped model is commonly referred to as the "Beatle bass." The Höfner company was founded by luthier Karl Höfner in the city of Schönbach in 1887, at a time when the city, later to become part of the Czech Republic, was populated by Germans.He soon became the largest manufacturer of string instruments in the country.During my first stint in college in the early '60s, my all-consuming major subject - Music & Guitar 101 - wasn't taught in any of the lecture rooms.

True, I struggled through the History of Western Music, a Department of Music course taught by Lorne Watson.

The 500/1 bass featured a symmetrical violin style design, was very light weight, had very good playability and a was offered at a reasonable price.

The 500/1 was conceived in 1955 by Walter Hofner who believed a violin shaped bass would be easy to manufacturer along side of his existing double bass production line.

Much better than expected and perfectly playable producing a classic tone that won't dissappoint at all.

It's a very good bass for the price, although not necessarily everyones cup-of tea.

In 1961 Paul Mc Cartney purchased a left handed Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass from Steinway's Music in Hamburg Germany, an event that would make Hofner a recognized brand word wide.