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Dating in vyborg

The place behind the church was used as the city's first official cemetery, being located way off the city's center.

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July 29 The Medieval Feaster Part of the Medieval Ages Reenactment, though it can be visited separately. The event is held at The Round Tower dating back to 1547-1550.More than four million people received the decoration.But there was one fact about him that makes the recommendation remarkable: he was Jewish.With little regard for his own safety, and in the face of heavy Soviet shelling, Major Leo Skurnik, a district doctor who had once fostered ambitions of becoming a concert pianist, organised the evacuation of a field hospital on the Finnish-Russian border, saving the lives of more than 600 men, including members of the SS.Skurnik was far from the only soldier to be awarded the Iron Cross during the Second World War.June 10 — June 12, 2017 The Medieval Fairy Tale Knights, ladies, trouveres and minstrels — they all will be entertaining all for three days which fall on days off in Russia so the attendace will be strong as usually. The most prominent yearly festival held in Vyborg and one of the most important gathering of the medieval reenactors.

Tournaments on horseback, other kinds of knights fighting, evening theater performances, show, concerts and so on.

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In September 1941, a medical officer performed a deed so heroic he was awarded an Iron Cross by the German high command.

The alliance between Hitler and the race he vowed to annihilate — the only instance of Jews fighting for Germany’s allies — is one of the most extraordinary aspects of the Second World War, and yet hardly anyone, including many Finns, know anything about it.

The reasons why it’s rarely told go right to the heart of what it means to be Jewish and that race’s quest to be accepted by a long list of unenthusiastic host nations.

And Skurnik was not the only Jew fighting on the side of the Germans.