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Dating love letter

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I have to admit that while you were talking I lost track of what you were saying for quite some time because I was so enthralled by watching your lips move. Your cheeks looked so soft I was captivated by their purity.

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In fact, 82% of survey respondents said that they actually preferred raw passion to poetic writing, indicating that a letter written straight from the heart is more special than one that focuses on evocative imagery.It's unfortunate that this next love letter was almost definitely never actually sent to a girl named Jessica, or any girl for that matter, as it's a beautifully conceived plea from a geek of (nearly) the highest order. For you, Jessica, I would dive into the Sarlacc Pit of Tatooine (Luke's home planet) and be slowly digested for a thousand years, like the bounty hunter Bobba Fett. May the Force be with You, Patrick (3rd row, History) This incredible and inventive love letter, written approximately 100yrs ago, was sent by William Weightman to a lady he had seemingly been admiring for some time.If it weren't for the mix up between Luke and Han's Tauntauns it would be perfect. Even Darth Vader, an evil Sith lord, couldn’t leave his son to die at the end of “Return of the Jedi”. (Even though in the Expanded Universe of the "Star Wars" novels, Fett eventually escapes, which creator George Lucas has accepted as official S-Dub cannon. Rather than send a normal letter indicating his intentions, William decided to draw pictures to form some of the text.I get excited at the thought of spending more time with you because our time together will help me to learn more about you. I think the glow from your electric personality must be energizing my brain as well as my heart.Already, I'm learning that we have so much in common. I aced my statistics test on Monday--even after we were out so late on Sunday night.My boss has noticed the changes, too, and has been very complimentary of late.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised as I discover more about you, yet there is still so much that I'd like to know.

I enjoy our differences, but I'm happy that we share so many similar opinions and experiences. All the more surprising as your pretty face kept coming up between my calculator and all the formulas I had to deal with!

Whatever differences exist can only broaden our horizons and our outlook on life. I like to think I'm getting to know you better each time we go out, but the truth is you're still full of surprises.

I haven’t had that much fun in a long time….well, actually ever. The food was sensational, it was flavor bubbles exploding in my mouth the entire time. I mean about anything, far beyond the typical party talk of weather and politics. No one ever talks about these things and we managed to.

They are so lusciously seductive I actually wanted to kiss them, just to see what they felt like.

Similarly, only 5% of Kiwis think that beautiful writing is the most important part of a romantic letter.