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Dating open car door

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I didn’t think this google search would make me laugh so much. Huge skirts made it impossible for ladies to open a door by themselves, and make it through before the door slammed on a petticoat.” The mental image makes me laugh.

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But how would you access the internal lock mechanism to apply the lubricant?We're definitely in need of the DTR talk, but I don't want to do his job for him.He is a divorced, full-time father of two, so I understand why he would want to be very careful and move slowly.I’m pretty sure if I got attacked and was carrying something I’d drop it instantly. “It is just something society has portrayed since men are “stronger” than women.Society feels they should be the ones who do the heavier or the more gentleman stuff.” I’m not buying this one either. It’s only an act of a gentleman if it’s considered chivalrous. Opening a door for a woman isn’t about tit for tat or keeping score.She had on a beautiful dress, her hair looked gorgeous and she was wearing sexy heels.

But, when she opened the door, he didn’t say a word.

Don't get me wrong — I love being taken out to dinner and appreciate his generosity, but I don't expect having him foot the bill of our every activity. This would concern me only if a lack of respect was evident in his other actions as well, which might reflect a heart condition, which is really what matters.

If he opens every other door for you and shows respect in other ways, then we're probably just talking about a trained habit of getting into a car without thinking of other adults.

Anyway, to get to my more practical and curious question, he is a gentleman in many ways: He won't let me pay for a thing, has done all sorts of "acts of service" for me, etc.

But he doesn't open the car door for me when we go out.

[What I suspect happened is that the passenger pulled the door handle at the same time that the electronic system was unlocking the lock, and this caused the lock mechanism to get tangled up somehow.] Ditto on the slim jim (the metal one - not the beef jerky). I had a Toyota Corolla many decades ago which would sometimes partially latch. As suggested above make sure the door is firmly closed and try a slim jim. Push and bang on the door to get the mechanism to release.