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Dating savvy

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A really good investment for those new to all this online dating. It gives practical, specific information on how to do it right. It can save you money, disappointment, and help you avoid problems.I was doing several things wrong, and I'm in the process of making needed corrections as a result of this book. In fact, it also provides good advice for dating in general.

“Narcissists are disconnected from their true selves and are constantly working to appear better than others.Once I understood the things that did matter, I was able to find a great guy who still loves me to this day.I always treated men like projects — trying to fix, change, save and domesticate them. Many mental health specialists agree that narcissism is basically an individual who has an excessive interest or admiration of a false self they created to cope with early hurts as children.They’re most likely to have a handicap tag hanging from the rearview mirror of their Porsche.In this book you will find dozens of how-to strategies for more sex appeal, higher self-worth and superior dating savvy.

You will also get proven dating scripts that you can use to communicate your needs in a way that is feminine, sexy, and confident, and you’ll discover many awesome ways to analyze your past, present and future all for the sake of finding the loving relationship you deserve.

However, the weird part was that I wasn't a weak and stupid woman; I was a smart woman. I had lots of friends, a good job, and a nice home.

I was successful in life in a lot of ways, The kinds of things that matter in love aren't necessarily the things that matter when it comes to having a great career or a busy social calendar.

I'm sharing it with friends in the same boat as I am. Have you tried internet dating but didn’t get the results you wanted?

Have you thought about trying it but didn’t want to risk having the bad experiences that you’ve heard about from your friends? will show you how to wisely utilize this powerful tool that can literally transform your dating life!

Using online dating sites and apps is nothing new, but it's also a surefire way to come in contact with narcissists. “Narcissists are great at building rapport quickly; however, they are doing so to serve themselves first and foremost.