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Dating sites economy

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With wine, for example, "You can read a description — white, red, heavy-bodied — but all the nuances you're not going to get from the description," Ariely explains. The same thing is true for people." The upshot of this information is that when you're surfing profiles online, "don't narrow your search too much," says Ariely.

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They are equally attractive, and everyone remarked that they looked good together. Hes looking forward to meeting new girls, and finally worked up the nerve to ask that cute barista for her phone number.Namely, because men are expected to be the aggressors, many women are enabled to only passively participate in dating and its completely understandable. Men are spread thin and are aware that its super competitive, so they often spend as little time as needed to interact with as many women as possible, which sometimes is the best gambit for them. Women are so overwhelmed with attention and potential dates that they dont have the time to reply to everyone their issue is curation.Multiple men are often jostling for position with the same women; now you begin to understand why I use the term gender economy and reference supply and demand. She gets messages regardless of her profile completion. Women: Why am I getting so many short, or copy and paste messages? Because guys dont get many replies in general, so they learn that it is a waste of time to craft thoughtful messages and instead shoot for efficiency and the numbers game. How someone reacts to you is not necessarily a reflection of their opinion on you, and might simply be tied to the skewed dating economy.In markets where quality varies, all suppliers can present their wares as first-rate, and this has negative consequences: The bad tend to drive out the good.This "lemon market" phenomenon was first studied by George Akerlof in the used-car market, but his lesson is also true for dating, especially online. You know that the potential partners out there are of two types: good and bad.This "quality uncertainty" -- I'm using only the sexiest lingo to ensure that my own loneliness won't be caused by market failure -- affects who participates in the market.

I don't simply mean that people lie about themselves on the Internet (although people do indeed lie about themselves on the Internet).

But free exchange can also create problems much closer to home: The futility of online dating might be the result of a market failure.

It all comes down to something called "asymmetrical information." Daters know more about themselves than their prospective mates.

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hen you think about it, the dating market is just like any other market, really: You're "shopping" for a great mate. It requires an "investment" of time and cash, but the "payoff" — love, maybe even a long-term commitment — is priceless.