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Dating sites iq test

The site is so exclusive you have to pass an IQ test to even join.

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Then try one of these niche dating sites that cater to those with mensa-like IQ's, or merely folks with higher than average intelligence.Those who are interested in Mensa but not members can still interact online with members. that help define a person," Amarnarth Thombre,'s president, told "What we've done is combine the technology of Match with these partnerships, where they can not only meet other Match members but also find each other very easily." After receiving requests from members for a Mensa-specific dating pool, Mensa contacted, who took a poll of its members and found that 80% of them valued high intelligence in a romantic partner.The two organizations then decided to join forces, resulting in creating a Mensa badge for its users profiles."We researched our member base to find out what was important to them from a membership perspective and what benefits we could offer," John Mc Gill, Mensa's national director of marketing, told .If you’re very smart and very single, a new specialized dating site could be your saviour.As with other niche dating websites, like Farmers Only and Glutenfree Singles, Mensa Match is only for those who are currently in the high IQ group.

However, this does not prevent Mensans from chatting up non-Mensans on

Currently, Mensa is a community group option on the regular

This means that people are allowed to paste a Mensa badge on their profiles to signify their interest in the society, hopefully attracting fellow enthusiasts.

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Its free and quick online IQ Test with instant results, that takes hardly 2 minute of yours.