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Dating sites people without children

While Black and no kids dating may not be for everyone, it does cater to an underserved niche of the African American population.

Now it's not uncomfortable for me to talk about the fact that kids are just not for me.Source: Shutterstock After sharing a guest-post on step-parenting from the step-child’s point of view, one commenter asked an interesting question: “Should a man with no kids be hesitant to date a woman with kids?” First, whether a man has children of his own or not, there is nothing wrong with preferring to date women without children.Childfree adults are a minority, and this leads to unique dating issues.One woman I interviewed for my book complained that she had difficulty meeting men who were also childfree and wanted to remain that way.Nationwide (November 19, 2012) -- Black and no kids dating launches today in numerous countries around the world as the first dating website tailored to African Americans with no children looking to date other African Americans without kids.

During the registration process Black and no kids dating asks members to agree that before creating a profile that they do not have any biological, adopted, or foster children.

It can be done, of course, but it’d be great to avoid the hurt of finding a great person, then losing them after The Big Discussion.

Results for a Google search of “online dating childless” unearthed more than 10 questioners on Yahoo, Reddit, etc.

After years off the dating scene I have finally met the nicest woman I could ever imagine and things are looking really great..

David - Newport Not everyone likes kids, I guess I'm a little selfish and wanted to meet a woman who felt the same! I wish I had found the site and joined it much sooner..

The men also treated her as less able to make a commitment because she was not a mother and didn’t wish to become one.