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Dating with russian man

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Russian society is a hybrid one: on one hand the traditional family values - like getting married and starting a family relatively early, buying a flat and everything else what comes together with that - are very deeply embedded in the ways people plan their life.Yet in big cities this social order has shifted and people are trying to adopt the European lifestyle.

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Secondly, I like to ignore nail salons for extended time periods and have trouble conceptualizing outfits that do not revolve around jeans and black crewnecks.You may simply be a Russian who is trying to find the best way to meet other Russians.Whatever your story, you will find some answers here.The most important factor is finding someone with a similar mentality who shares my passions and life goals.Maybe he's Russian, maybe he's American, maybe he's African?I know a lot of Russian men, but I've never dated one. I guess it's possible, but he would have to be progressive with modern views about women and their roles in relationships.

In general, I don't consider someone's ethnicity in the dating equation.

A woman must know how to cook, a woman must be always beautiful, a woman cannot be flirting with other men, a woman needs to wait at home and always be ready.

If, on the other hand, you grew up watching ballet, it might sound wonderful.

When dating, it is essential to learn the traditional roles of men and women in Russia.

Even if your date has already transitioned to a more modern view, keep in mind that some of his or her family may not have let go of their traditions.

Russian men conventionally have seen themselves as superior to women.