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) actress spoke exclusively to me about all the drama awaiting Adrian in season 2.

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So today, I offer you my picks for the best of the best of the last 12 months.After winning the second season of was canceled after three seasons, but she reports on her blog that she now “works for Oprah” on the show Home Made Simple, which is hosted by Soleil Moon Frye on OWN.You can read an interview with her on Designer Marketplace in which she talks about more of her adventures in designing and follow her on her website and Facebook.With the highly anticipated return of ABC Family’s hit show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager coming up on June 22, I wanted (no, scratch that, I needed) to get all the juicy inside scoop on the show's second season, and I especially needed to know what's coming up for my favorite TV teenager, Adrian Lee!So I called up Francia Raisa (the half-Honduran, half-Mexican actress who plays Adrian) to get all the details, and the sweet and beautiful (may I also add incredibly talented?From 2007-2013 he hosted the popular HGTV show He has a bed and bath collection, an art collection at Penny Lane, and even designed some shoes for Naturalizer.

You can follow him on Facebook (where fans have been begging him to return to HGTV with new decorating shows soon) and his website.

I think it’s going to do just as well, or maybe even better!

The story changes a little bit, and we go more into everybody else’s background, like Adrian’s life and Grace’s life.

Longtime judge Vern Yip says poor ratings had a lot to do with the decision, as viewership was down to about 1.5 million per episode last year.

Hearing the news made me wonder what the 8 designers who won the competition over the years are up to now…Bromstad was the first Design Star and one of the most successful.

Next week sees in the first offiicial day of Summer — can I get a hell yeah?