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I rode my bicycle after a party in the freezing air on Christmas early morning across the Brooklyn Bridge. I stopped and took pictures of I-don’t-even-remember, but I do remember feeling happy. Not because he was paying, but because showing him great places was the least I could do to as a courtesy.

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I've been on testosterone for around 7 months and no surgeries but I feel like I can't get back out in the dating world because it's so hard to be understood.After posting a similar Good Friday Workout 2 years ago, we not only enjoyed watching our fitness community share what the experience meant, and how long it took to complete it, but many of you shared photos helping to further relate what it was like.We'd love to resurrect that experience this Good Friday, March 25, 2016. 100 double unders 800m barbell carry (95/65) 100 burpees This photo of Keith Britton especially stood out to us, so we tracked down the backstory to share it with you in case you missed it in our 2014 recap.For some, whether internet savvy or not, the idea of beginning a new relationship through a senior dating site is completely uncharted territory.There can be many natural concerns to overcome, especially if you find yourself single again after the death of a spouse or divorce later in life. You probably know about the big online dating sites.The world of online senior dating is truly your oyster.

You can choose the type of person that you’re looking for and we’ll help direct you to the best sites to find them.

We are proud to support the GROWE Foundation and Boulder Valley School District in as many ways as we can.

This includes allowing customer to donate their bag credit to local schools, working in school gardens, and supporting GROWE through a 5% day in which 5% of our sales will benefit their Garden to Table program.

Shannon was kind enough to answer a few questions: Frxd: Why did you take the photo of Keith? Frxd: What did you use to edit the photo before you posted it to Facebook?

Shannon: We often take photos of athletes during their workouts. I knew how important this particular workout was for Keith, and took multiple shots throughout. Shannon: The original image was a bit wider so it was cropped in Microsoft paint, but no other edits were made. Describe your reaction, Keith’s and others who have seen it?

Superfine is run by the coolest women who keep the 20th century alive with weekend DJs, bluegrass bands, and occasional burlesque extravaganzas.