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“Break a leg tonight, babe” is the required text message on preview night. It’s super cute when you do and she loves you for trying, but she can’t take the chance of laughing onstage while thinking about you.10. She will be kissing another dude and doing other things that make you uncomfortable. If you know how to use power tools, you will be recruited for set strike.Matthew Freeman is a Brooklyn based playwright with a BFA from Emerson College.

We'll see what happens after the music comes out, but E!But isn't she way too transparent to pull that off? Sami could never pull that off because you're right — she does wear her heart on her sleeve. TV Guide Magazine: You're one of the best actresses in daytime. — but after all these years without a nomination I have found my peace in the fan reaction.Sami wears her heart, and everything else, on her sleeve. There's another fan theory floating around that Sami knows what EJ did but she's already forgiven him. TV Guide Magazine: This all comes out of the fans wanting to spare Sami the heartache, don't you think? It's hard to look ahead at that inevitable pain that's waiting for her. How is it possible that you're leaving without even one Emmy nomination? I go out for a run and work out the scenes in my head. You can set it down, go deal with the kids or throw yourself in the pool, and then get right back into the story. [and hinted that Sami's exit from Salem wasn't going to be all that dynamic.It was insanely fantastic —total go-for-broke acting and writing — but we were left wondering what you all will do when the affair is exposed. TV Guide Magazine: Some of the fans suspect Sami has known about the affair for quite some time and that she's setting EJ up for a big revenge — Emily Thorne-style. The idea that she has known all along just couldn't happen, especially not with this story going on for so long. Sweeney: I absolutely loved the scene after one of Sami's 15 non-weddings, where she went back to her apartment and went to the closet and started pulling out all the gowns from her other non-weddings. [ a bunch and I'm looking forward to pursuing that, too. I want to see if there are other great characters inside me besides Sami. I was doing fine until just last night when it suddenly hit me hard that all the defining moments of my life — graduating high school, falling in love, getting married, having babies — were shared with the people at but it's my choice and it's the right one. I may lose sleep at night but, in the waking hours, I feel very confident about the decision I've made.Harry Styles sat down in the passenger seat of James Corden's SUV for a hilarious new installment of "Carpool Karaoke" on Thursday's Late Late Show.

Styles -- who is wrapping up his week-long residency on the hit talk show -- joined his friend for a musical ride through the streets of Los Angeles, and opened up about his love of rom-coms and getting emotional from his own music. Like, 'My eyes are sweating.'" The pair followed up their first emotional offering with a touching rendition of another of Styles' new songs, "Sweet Creature," which he admitted is his mom's favorite track off his new self-titled album.

In that case, hand her some wine and say, “Sorry.”3. Your only job is to buy coffee before rehearsals and wine after every night.6.

Meeting her friends does not mean a small get-together for a board game. No, she’s not exhausted after that four-hour rehearsal that went on until 10 pm.

S., as Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston engaged in last summer, is a years-in-the-making trip for most people. When Drake and Rihanna are in the same city, they've all of a sudden rekindled the romance that took flight for a hot second in 2009.

In between those sojourns, Drake tends to be spotted with a variety of women; but last month, Jennifer Lopez entered the picture.

It means hanging out with 30 of her besties at a gay bar while singing showtunes.4. She’s pumped about that one awesome moment that happened onstage. It doesn’t matter how nice you think that other actress is.