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My guess is you are reading this because you are an English speaking male, probably from the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland (welcome into the parlour, but only if your name is Timothy or Pat) or from the Antipodes – Hello Bruce!And if you are not clear on what is the “Antipodes”, welcome to the club. Now all of that was intended as humor, which leads me nicely into the first thing you should know about dating Chinese women: It should not come as a surprise to you about Chinese women that they speak Chinese!

If you're looking for a subservient wife to treat as your property, or as a slave, she is not Chinese, she is not on CLM, and you're in the wrong place. At China Love Match, you will have the chance to meet and date genuine Chinese women, all of whom we have carefully screened and selected.But Chinese women for marriage can be tricky to understand sometimes, especially for someone from a different culture.So before you date or marry a Chinese woman, here are a few things you should know.In a post that wouldn’t be out-of-place if it appeared in any of your standard misogynist, anti-feminist pick-up artist blogs, Imafidon invokes stereotypes of Chinese women as meek, submissive, hyperfeminine, and sexually available to argue that male readers should “consider” dating us, as if we’re a new brand of light bulb or an unfamiliar model of car.The post also serves as an implied attack on feminism in general (and an erasure of Asian American feminism in particular) with its pointed praise that Chinese women know our place as females.Written by self-described “Media Stragetist/Resultist/Content Writer/Blogger/Entrepreneur” Casey Imafidon, whose other work at Life and similar sites are of equally low quality, this listicle is a transparent attempt to draw in readers with racist and sexist stereotype.

It almost goes without saying that Imafidon’s listicle on Chinese women is both offensive and poorly written (the latter because it’s really just a collection of unsubstantiated pronouncements about Chinese women).

But once sucked into the site, you’re trapped in an endless scroll of similarly fluffy listicles that slowly turn your brain to sludge while embedded webads turn your wild flailings for escape into money for the site.

So, I was torn about writing about one of Life’s most recent articles (“9 Reasons Why You Should Date a Chinese Girl“), which appears designed to maximize clickbait appeal by attracting Asiaphiles and enraging Asian Americans.

My wife and I were first introduced via the CLM site. I enjoyed the extra postings you offered, such as speaking chinise, china e-magazines and so forth. These traits make them some of the most desirable women in the world.

After many chats online thru the CLM site it was obvious I was in love with this woman. I hope to have a great relationship with the lady I found on you're site. A Chinese woman will be any foreign man's source of great pride; she will make him feel loved and cared for in a way that he has never known before.

Besides, you should know that when dating Chinese women, they rarely show their true character until after a great amount of time, sometimes not even until after marriage!