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Dhl tracking not updating

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Patrick Quoting F9Widebody (Reply 5): If it is ground, do not worry. I ship packages at work on a daily basis via Fed Ex Ground.They put it on a trailer, and nothing is scanned until that trailer reaches a location near your home, hence no tracking info. They leave San Diego and head for either Phoenix or Riverside, then if they are going across the country, they usually end up on trucks going towards that area.

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And the Fed Ex tracking system is very odd, I have called them numerous times and they have way more information than the website.In that case, please continue to monitor the DHL site as in some cases it has continued to report delivery or pickup notices.However, please also monitor the other tracking links we have provided above.They also help to reveal extra information which might not be available on the carrier’s website.So, keep these ten web services bookmarked for the times when delivery schedules go haywire. Typing in the number leads to a Google Map which shows the location of the package and the status.Tom Hanks playing a Fed Ex employee, ditches into the sea with a plane load of packages.

Though reliable at the best of times, parcel services like Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc. For these worst of times, knowing the exact location of your package helps you shout at the customer support desk with some authority. The tracking/shipment code is like the unique fingerprint for your package.

Sometimes, they stop off at multiple places and the tracking number, if scanned, will be updated on the fedex website.

If you call Fed ex, they will tell you where it left and where its next location is going to be.

Orders to Switzerland may be shipped using Swiss Post, and the tracking numbers may require the user to specify the carrier (Swiss Post) from a list of several possible carriers.

Please see the multiple options below on how to view the tracking information.

All these parcel services also have a little tracking ID box on their website which let you know about the whereabouts of the package.