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Did lauren and kent dating

As the episode aired on Monday night, Jax tweeted that he’s in a happy relationship with Brittany.Jax reminded people that what they’re watching on TV happened many months ago.

” Higgins, 29, explained to Seacrest after he and Iaconetti, 29, were spotted at a Bryan Adams concert in L. "We went with our podcast manager at i Heart and other friends." (Their podcast, Ben and Ashley: Almost Famous, premieres on the i Heart Radio app on Tuesday, May 23.) As for Bushnell, Higgins told Seacrest that the premiere of the podcast was planned well before they announced their split on May 15.He asked that people be mindful with their comments since he and Brittany are still together. It seems that Jax and Brittany, who is from Kentucky, are actually welcoming a new addition to their household.Jax tweeted that Brittany’s dog from back home, Kingsley, will be joining them in Los Angeles soon.Mary Murphy stepped down from her judging position, but guest judged during Las Vegas week and made an appearance at the finale.During the auditions, various guest judges joined Lythgoe, including Shankman and Michaels along with others.I also kept in the worst question someone could possibly ask to a SYTYCD panel.

You should have seen the SYTYCD PR people’s eyes when he asked it.

"[Ashley and I] started planning this podcast months ago way before any of this [separation news] happened ... It's going to kind of be a lifestyle podcast that just has a lot of fun, great interviews," Higgins concluded, adding that he and Bushnell are still on friendly terms.

They opened up for questions and I had to ask Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman about their possible romance rumors at the So You Think You Can Dance panel. It’s hard to hold the mic and keep the video still at the same time. I love Lauren Gottlieb’s comment when Kent’s talking as well.

Instead of naming a top 20 to compete in the finals, the show planned on selecting a top 10 - they ended up accepting an extra dancer to create a top 11.

The contestants were informed of their inclusion in the finals by the judges either traveling to each dancer's home or personally telephoning them to reveal their fate.

PHOTOS: Stars who hooked up on the job Froderman and Boyd, both 18, have giggled about the smooch, but is something going on backstage?