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Did spencer grammer and scott michael foster dating

did spencer grammer and scott michael foster dating-63 In the season finale, Casey arrives at a crossroads and gets counsel from two people.Who do you think ends up giving her better advice: Cappie or Lauren Conrad (played by guest star ... Foster: [ he doesn't get interrupted for hair-care tips. At this point in Casey's life, he should be making decisions based on what's best for herself instead of making them based on [other things]. Foster: That's the thing - [rival house] Omega Chi really wants him, while Kappa Tau doesn't care. Do you see as an endorsement of Greek life or as somewhat of a cautionary tale? We're just trying to show all the sides of college life.

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Scott Michael Foster, who plays easygoing Kappa Tau prez Cappie, gave us a sneak peek at the big episode (airing Tuesday at 9 pm/ET) and one very unexpected twist. The character is written so well that he's easy to get into. I'm not depressed over someone or having to cry every day. And yet I like how he'll occasionally whip out the morsel of info, like when he's talking to Casey about the congresswoman (played by Carol Potter). She's soft on energy, but a staunch protector of the loggerhead sea turtle."Foster: He surprises you at every turn because he's taken a lot of courses, had a lot majors. Anything the producers have told you on background?(ABC FAMILY/JAIMIE TRUEBLOOD) JACOB ZACHAR, PAUL JAMES less GR��K - "Pilot" - Rusty begins his freshman year at Cyprus-Rhodes University determined to change his life and rush a fraternity, much to the chagrin of his sorority siren sister, Casey, on "GR��K," ...more GR��K - "Hazed and Confused" -- In a bold and mischievous move, Casey attempts to punish Rebecca Logan for sleeping with Evan by giving her the most challenging scavenger hunt assignment during initiation week. But, equal parts earnest and hilarious, Foster's got a little bit of Cappie left in him. I couldn't understand it when the guy didn't get the girl or the girl didn't get the guy in love stories. I lived there from ages 5 to 12, I would say, before we we moved to Dallas. I had to send them to a parent's house in Texas while I'm shooting; I'm staying in a hotel, and I don't know if I can bring dogs there. "If the role doesn't exist, I should just create one, right? It looked like it was circling me like a vulture in the desert, which was pretty crazy. I actually just hung out with a few of them this past weekend.For one thing, he likes to bro out with his neighbors—so much so that it became the premise of his webseries, , directed by Foster's ex-girlfriend, Laura Prepon. We had chickens and a vegetable garden, and I had to get up to milk the goats at seven in the morning or do it at seven at night. So you get to know the goats, you get to know the chickens—it was quite the little I've got two little dogs, a little Chihuahua-Pomeranian I've had for about eight years—his name is Oliver—and a miniature German Schnauzer I've had for about seven years. Also, Southern California is one of the only places that have these giant kelp forests, and it's like swimming through a forest. And one of the guys I met through Jaime J was in Neighbros with me.His character pledged with Omega Chi Delta, was Rusty's best friend, and came out as gay during college.

Freeform announced on Thursday (April 7) that the cast the hit show would be heading back to Cypress Rhodes University aftergoing off the air in 2011.

There's a band I'm really into right now called the Mystery Jets, and they have a song called Young Love, featuring some girl named Laura Marling, and I've been listening to that over and over.

Well, I've never left North America, so I'm hoping to expand my horizons pretty soon.

We talked to Foster, our #Man Crush Monday, about beer pong, milking goats, and his own big, ol' man crush. If you ever get a chance to learn how to scuba dive, go do it. If you watch the opening in Neighbros, the guy who's singing the theme song and playing the guitar? He's in a band here in LA, so I'll frequently go see him perform.

When I was growing up my favorite movie was with Christopher Reeve, which is a hugely romantic, sappy movie. It was a small farm in a little rural town by the Indiana state border. And I really like to get on Netflix and watch like TV documentaries about: What happened to the mastodon? But when I got on , which is the show I'm on, on ABC—Yeah, that's not me. Not for this specifically, but…" They wouldn't even let me sit on it. I was like, "Tom Cruise does all his stupid stunts! There was a bat ray just circling my head about 40 feet above me. It didn't really go anywhere after that, but it was kind of cool for us, that this idea that started in our driveway was going farther than we ever thought. I still keep in touch with a lot of people from Greek. You would give a gal pal the same advice Cappie does? Their tête-à-tête happens over a game of pool. Tell us about the Declare Yourself campaign the cast has been involved with this fall.