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Dns host record not updating

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On a semi related note: I know this has been a touchy subject some places I have looked. For each DC, what should their local DNS settings be?

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As mentioned in the title I have instructed my client to update their DNS A records to point to my new server IP 3 days ago.I have two DCs, both have DNS running, one running DHCP.For some reason DHCP leases are not registered in either DNS server.If you're not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started.Hello everyone, I have a strange problem and I can't seem to see anything that could cause it.The domain registrar is Heart Internet and the client has provided me with an actual screenshot of the page showing that the (*, @, www) A records have indeed been pointed to my new server but I am seeing no change in any DNS records using various tools such as whatsmydns.

The old and new servers are both running Ubuntu 12.

Configured my brand new laptop with same computer name (PC1) and joined to domain 3.

Got a DHCP address from the server Now my issue is as follow.

Good day guys I run AD with DNS and DHCP on 1 domain controller Yesterday, I did an upgrade on a laptop which entailed the following 1.

Delete the computer account (PC1) from the Active directory compute names (of the old laptop) 2.

The way we solve this is by manually deleting the offending records and issue "ipconfig /registerdns" on the client.