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Document dating examiners

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They are used by the document examiner to enable her to form an opinion concerning the authenticity of handwriting in dispute.

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Handwriting identification depends on the quality of the known writing.Many attempts have been made to determine the age of ink in the last 30 years. Different techniques have been used, based on the study of chemical and physical properties of various types of inks. He is co-founder of Riley, Welch, La Porte and Associates…[Read More] Forensic Chemist and Document Dating Specialist Mr. Hanson is a Forensic Document Examiner with 21 years experience in the field of forensic science.Sufficient suitable material facilitates the work of the expert in establishing the master pattern or habits of the writer in order to avoid errors and inconclusions.

A document examiner who must work with insufficient writing has a more difficult task and may not be able to draw adequate conclusions from the limited material.

This new approach can determine the relative age of the ink, in a nondestructive manner, from any two writings created at different periods of time with the same class of ink.

One of the challenges faced by the forensic document examiner is determining the age of a document/ink in order to ascertain whether entries or writings – such as those in logbooks, registers, OMR sheets, deeds, cheques, drafts, and other important documents – were executed in the same period or in different periods of time.

[Read More] Co-Founder, Forensic Document Examiner Mr.

Welch is a forensic document examiner with 21 years experience in the field of forensic science.

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