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While the app basically functions as an online dating tool, it also incorporates elements of gaming. And the best strategy to get more dates is to be more physically attractive.Researchers also speculate that people with lower self-esteem in general may gravitate toward Tinder, and other online forums, for validation.


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Male users of Tinder also reported lower levels of self-esteem in general. Well, the first and perhaps most significant finding, according to the researchers, is the suggestion that men are just as susceptible to self-esteem and body-image issues as women -- in the era of digital dating, anyway.

The findings were presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association. The study also prompted speculation on the technical mechanics of how Tinder works.

Interesting news from the digital dating desk this week: It appears that men who use the popular dating app Tinder report lower levels of self-esteem than those who don't use the app.

Intrepid reporter Julian Huguet has the details in today's DNews dispatch.

That self doubt fills my head, ‘what if she thinks I’m ugly?