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Eben pagan dating advice

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In 2001, he started "Double Your Dating" as a one-man enterprise, run from the bedroom of his oceanside apartment in San Diego, in which he went by his pen name "David De Angelo." It was at this time that he released his ebook Double Your Dating, an updated, expanded, and somewhat more conventional version of the mentioned seminal post.

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He utilizes unique marketing strategies to brand his products in a way that sells well.Fortunately he even has a website that displays all of his products, which is a genius marketing tactic in it’s own right, so take notes!Although his first major product was focused on dating, he has created many brands focused on helping entrepreneurs with their business and personal life, with a direct focus on online sales / marketing.Now I have 10 successful brands that generate more than 1 million in sales each. And you can too…by identifying niche opportunities where there’s a big need and then creating information products people want to buy.That’s what my page is all about: helping you take advantage of an industry that generates over $400 billion a year in worldwide sales. My team helps with this page due to the amount of messages and correspondence I receive. I created this page to share with you the same methods I used to grow ten different information product brands from home that have generated more than $100 million dollars in sales.

I’ll take you behind the scenes in my business to show you how much success is possible selling Information Products, Advice and Coaching online – all from working at home on your computer.

I started my business working from my computer in my bedroom ten years ago, all of it done online and all of it done working from home…without any computer degrees or college degrees.

I was unemployed, and started with just one ebook on dating advice that I wrote in two weeks. I create super, high quality info products and training, stuff that people find really valuable.

Personal development superstar blogger Steve Pavlina just tweeted that he is now promoting Eben Pagan’s DVD set, “Man Transformation.” (Link goes to Pavlina’s sales page for a 20-DVD course costing $436.50.) Pavlina seems to have become interested in dating advice right around the time he announced that he and his wife decided to have an open marriage and explore polyamory.

In his sales letter, Pavlina attempts to distinguish Pagan’s pick-up advice from that of “pick-up artists,” but the truth is that Pagan put himself on the pick-up artist guru map with his interview series “Interviews with Dating Gurus” that interviewed all the other pick-up artists which Pagan speaks very highly of, including our confused friend “Tyler Durden.” (UPDATE 9/21/2009: The Interviews with Dating Gurus series is included as an opt-out addition at $19.95 per month, with a free first month when purchasing Man Transformation.) Pavlina writes…

I’ll also reveal some fascinating trends and statistics about the industry as well as walk you through the process of creating a highly valuable product to sell and then how to make sure your marketing sells it.