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God rescued his people from Egypt, because he controls history. He wanted to control the *Israelites because they had become so many people. Aaron was three years older than Moses (Exodus 7:7). And Moses became the leader who led the *Israelites away from Egypt. And God promised to Joshua that he would always be with Joshua too (Joshua 1:6, 9). The God, whom your relatives *worshipped a long time ago, has sent me to you. Those words are the translation from the word Adonai. Nobody can know him completely, except Jesus, the Son (Matthew ). I have seen the terrible things that the *Egyptians have done to you. I will bring you away from your terrible troubles in Egypt. So will you allow us to go into the *desert for three days? You are my husband, and I must cause my son to bleed, she said. (Zipporah was talking about the *circumcision when she said this. Verse 25 says that Zipporah touched his feet with the skin. And Moses said that God had given him the power to do these *signs. Verses 29-30 The *Israelite leaders organised the people. This is what the *LORD, *Israels God, says, they told him. Their first request to *Pharaoh was that they could go into the *desert. Those *Hebrews were expecting *Pharaoh to obey their God! Moses would give Gods message to Aaron, and Aaron would tell that message to *Pharaoh. That terrible thing affected all the available water. Verses 17-21 *Pharaoh had become so proud that God punished him with 6 terrible *plagues. If they do, they cannot be a part of *Israels people. However, you can prepare food for everyone to eat on those days. And call it the *Feast when we eat bread without *yeast. I brought you away from Egypt in your families on this day. v18 Always begin this time on the evening of day 14 of the first month. During that time, eat only flat bread without *yeast. At the beginning and at the end of that week God wanted them to meet together. Immediately after the *Passover meal was the *Feast when they ate bread without *yeast.*Pharaoh, Egypts ruler, was powerful, but he could not stop Gods plans. People gained a more complete knowledge about God when Jesus came to earth. This chapter describes how the *Israelites became slaves. He wanted to kill some of them because he was afraid. Her sons were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulun. Dan and Naphtali were the sons of Bilhah, Rachels servant. And his sister, Miriam, (Exodus ) was older than Aaron. But perhaps his mother thought that he was a special baby. When Moses brought the *Israelites away from Egypt, they would all *worship God at the mountain called Horeb. When Jesus used the words I AM, the *Jews tried to kill him. Verse 15 The *Israelites may have known the name Yahweh already. Later God showed his people how they could approach him. I will bring you to the country where the *Canaanites live. We want to burn gifts there that we give to the *LORD our God. v20 So I will reach out with power and I will punish the *Egyptian people. You are my husband, and I must cause my son to bleed.)Verse 24-25 On their way, perhaps Moses became very ill. To *circumcise means to cut off the piece of skin at the end of the male sex part. It was the *sign that they believed Gods special promise to his people (Genesis ). But that does not tell us whether she touched her sons feet or her husbands feet. Moses and Aaron called together all the leaders of the *Israelites. So the leaders were the first men to hear Moses message. Later when troubles began, they were not so willing to believe. Exodus -27 explains the reason why they wanted to go into the *desert. Verses 2-5 God warned Moses and Aaron that *Pharaoh would oppose their request. However, these verses say that Moses and Aaron obeyed God. It even affected the water in buckets and jars in the houses. v16 On the first day, meet together to *worship me. v19 For 7 days you must have no *yeast in your houses. Therefore they considered both these events as one special period (Exodus ).

On 10/18/1990, a category F3 tornado 31.2 miles away from the place center injured 8 people and caused between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in damages. Major Disasters (Presidential) Declared: 15Emergencies Declared: 9Causes of natural disasters: Storms: 7, Floods: 6, Hurricanes: 6, Snowstorms: 4, Blizzards: 2, Fires: 2, Heavy Rains: 2, Water Shortages: 2, Winter Storms: 2, Tropical Depression: 1, Wind: 1, Other: 2 (Note: Some incidents may be assigned to more than one category). Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study. Congregations and Membership in the United States 2000. They were either prisoners of war or traded by slave merchants.Their period of enslavement in Egypt was often limited.Such inscriptions, tying together land and labourer, occur frequently throughout Egyptian history and their social state. Could the panel that will draft the Egyptian constitution possibly discuss such issues? Many years before that time, God had spoken to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You will bring my people away from Egypt, which is *Pharaohs country. God heard the *Israelites when they cried for him to help them. Now he protested to God that he could not do that task. But God promised that he would always be with Moses. Both men thought that they were not able to do such work. But later, the *Jews thought that Gods name was too holy. The *Jews did not want to use Gods name wrongly (Exodus 20:7). Later, people put in vowels (which are the letters: a,e,i,o,u) underneath the four letters YHWH. So when anyone read the word aloud, he would remember to say Adonai instead. Verse 18 Moses went home to Jethro, the head of the family. The *LORD met Moses there and he was going to kill Moses. We want to go into the *desert to give gifts to the *LORD our God. v5 There are large numbers of your people in my country. v20 So when the officers left *Pharaoh, they went to see Moses and Aaron. v3 But I will make *Pharaoh continue to refuse this request. I will do terrible acts as judgement against his nation. Chapter 7 verse 1 A *prophet was someone who declared Gods message to the people. And the *frogs dead bodies caused a very bad smell over the whole country. Verses 13-15 God could have killed *Pharaoh and his people completely. Each *plague had given to *Pharaoh the opportunity to change. Verse 16 God had allowed *Pharaoh to continue to live. And the next day God would send a terrible storm of *hail. Only Goshen, where the *Israelites lived, escaped that *hail. He had decided to rescue his people, the *Israelites, from Egypt. Already the *LORD had punished some of those false gods. But the *Israelites had painted the blood on their houses. So the *LORD would pass over the *Israelites houses. On the first day, remove every kind of *yeast from your houses.

He had told them that the number of people in their families would increase. God had told them that he would give to them the country called *Canaan (Genesis 17:3-8). He would receive a true answer later, because God made Moses both their ruler and their judge. But God made them able, then they could work for him. English people, who did not understand that, pronounced YHWH as Jehovah. That shows that it is different from *Lord, or Master. He is the God whom your relatives had *worshipped a long time ago. He told me to tell you this: I have watched, and I have seen you in Egypt. v25 But Zipporah took a hard, sharp stone to use as a knife. Then she touched his feet with the skin she had cut off. So Aaron went into the *desert and he met Moses at Gods mountain. v28 Then Moses told Aaron everything that the *LORD had said to him. Also Moses told Aaron about all the wonderful *signs. If we do not obey him, he may send upon us terrible diseases or war. Moses and Aaron, you want to take the people away from their work. And you are preventing them, so that they are not working for me. But God had told Moses to take *Israels leaders with him too (Exodus ). He was the *Hebrew God, and *Pharaoh showed angry surprise at their request. I will increase my wonderful acts and my terrible *signs in Egypt. So Aaron would be like a *prophet and he would speak on behalf of Moses. God wanted people everywhere to know his power and his character. It means all the ways in which people understand Gods character (Romans ). Those false gods included the River Nile (Exodus ), Heqt, the false god with the *frogs head (Exodus 8:2), and Ra, the Sun god (Exodus ). And for all 7 days, nobody must eat anything with *yeast in it. But they must not do any other work on those two days of *worship. During the week after the *Passover meal, they remembered that act.

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Theory and practice of Egyptian slavery were, as far as we can ascertain, quite different from those of Greece, Rome or the southern states of the USA, where slaves were wholly at the mercy of their owners with little protection from society, and more in line with the kind of slavery practiced in the rest of Africa .

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New Egypt-area historical tornado activity is near New Jersey state average. Source: Clifford Grammich, Kirk Hadaway, Richard Houseal, Dale E.

The announcement sparked jubilation on the streets and sent a warning to autocrats across the Arab world and beyond.