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We have undertaken several new and successfull IT development projects in various domains.

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, in the meanwhile R&D has become the core domain within the Tc T Group by now.Services For Our Bank Partners International payments Hungarian Forint Account for foreign banks Custodian services Treasury International corporate clients Financial Institutions/Correspondent Banking Anti money-laundering/KYC FATCA Contact details International payments Terms and Conditions applicable to Credit Institutions With effect of 28 January 2008 Erste Bank group introduced a central technical platform for the processing of cross-border commercial payments.Later, with effect of 11 August 2008, the holding functions and the Austrian business of Erste Bank have been split and a new SWIFT code for the holding (Erste Group Bank) was introduced.We support effective operation of businesses by corporate finance services, bookkeeping providing information also for decision making, and comprehensive payroll accounting.Contact us today for making your boldest plans come true together! Warren is a clinical psychologist and author of eight books on love, marriage and emotional health.

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GPF Broadcast SWIFT Broadcast on the holding Broadcast EBH – new settlement instructions Some Frequently Asked Questions to the new procedure Q: Where should we send our commercial payments in favour of Erste Bank Hungary (EBH)?

A: You should send all foreign currency customer payments via Erste Group Bank (EGB) using the SWIFT code GIBAATWG and its nostro accounts - or the respective clearing system. For payments in home currencies of the Erste Group subsidiaries (HUF, CZK, RON, HRK, RSD) there is no change in procedure, you should continue to send them to GIBAHUHB, with cover through our own nostro accounts.

Entry into this series is typically at the class of Accountant Trainee.