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Eve dating white men

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On the eve of the release of her new album , the raptress goes back to her roots and attempts to regain the throne she relinquished some four years ago to concentrate on her acting career.The issue is full of some very beautiful photos and the interview is just as pleasing.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Eve was born and raised in South Philly, and she used to date Stevie J at one point in her life (we all make mistakes).AFRICANGLOBE – American Rapper Eve revealed that several people launched hateful comments at her when they learned she was dating a White guy.The Let Me Blow Ya Mind star has been in a relationship with English businessman and founder of the Gumball 3000 brand, Max Cooper for three years.The male analog to the Mitochondrial Eve is the Y-chromosomal Adam, the member of Homo sapiens sapiens from whom all living humans are patrilineally descended.Rather than mt DNA, the inherited DNA in the male case is the nuclear Y chromosome.We have racism, homophobia, cultural privilege, sexism and it goes on. Black people aren't gay." This makes me nothing more than a traitor to my race. Even though I deal with racist comments, homophobic slurs and a general apathy for my masculine-identified appearance on an almost daily basis, I have never felt as inferior as I do on some days when I am standing in a crowded streetcar, sitting in a romantic restaurant or lying on the grass in the park smiling at my wife.

One friend accused me of undermining the struggle of the black gay community by even considering to date a white woman, least of all marrying her. Because the truth is more people are staring at me than her; I married up.

Since falling in love with the woman who would become my wife, there has been an inexplicable beauty in the world.

Unfortunately, I have also been reminded that the beauty is visible because of all that is ugly.1. The safe thing to assume is these were never your friends, but that doesn't change that it hurts. I still uphold principles that the community holds dear.

Though she says things are “totally fine” now, she admits that she initially received a barrage of hateful comments when people discovered she was in an interracial relationship.“When people found out I was with a White dude, some people really came at me on Twitter,” Eve said.

“I got a lot of hate.“People were like, ‘I can’t believe you’re with a White guy, what the f*** are you doing? But now, it’s totally fine.”The Philadelphia-born rapstress, who recently released her new album Lip Lock, admitted that even she found it hard to adapt to a relationship with a White male.“I’ve gotta say, even for me, it took a little bit of time to be comfortable being out with him [Cooper] in my music situation, because it’s different – it’s not considered the norm.

Her female contemporaries, though they may have descendants alive today, do not have any alive who have descend in an unbroken female line.