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Excel link not updating

Microsoft Excel 2007 enables you to update links automatically as you open any workbook.

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I tried: It is in this instance you are opening in the source workbook with your data.When the source workbook and the destination workbook are open on the same computer, links are updated automatically.When you open a destination workbook, and the source workbook is not open, you may be alerted by the Trust Bar whether to update the links.It is possible to accidentally create a link by moving or copying a range, worksheet, or chart between workbooks.Open the workbook, and then find the links that were created, and either break the link or replace it with a value. Because this action cannot be undone, you may want to save a version of the file.Normally, if you have linked information in your workbook, the information is updated whenever you open the workbook.

There may be times when you need to update the links manually, however.

I have searched far and wide for an answer to this issue, but nothing I try seems to work. It contains things such as drop-down menus which are only functional when linked to a source file. It contains information such as tables of data which are displayed in the drop-down menu lists in the first workbook. A list of medical conditions, like asthma, diabetes, etc. Open("C:\Users\user_000\Desktop\Example Folder\Source File.xlsm") End Sub It works fine, but the links will not update, despite the fact that they are set to update automatically.

The first workbook is a workbook that people can edit.

and people can select a condition from the list.) The problem I'm having at the moment is that these links no longer update properly. At this point, when I go into the name manager, the links have now changed to the entire file path.

To clarify, they will update if I open the source file and then the output file manually. For some reason, every time it has done this (for example, when I've moved the file to another location), it stops updating the links.

In the name manager, the references will appear like this: Source File! I don't understand why Excel doesn't like you using file paths as links in the name manager.