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Excel sums not automatically updating

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In this case, the workbook calculation was set to Automatic on all the machines – that’s the first thing we checked.To check the setting, click the Formulas tab on the Excel Ribbon, and click the Calculate Options drop down.

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This isn't a case of the calculation switch being flipped for a single workbook.Please help ------ Register to get rid of these "In Post" ads!------ Hi, If you are on manual recalculation you can force most calculations by press F9. Thanks, JM Excel267 VLOOKUP formula not updating automatically Hi Joe, Are you deleting rows from the sheet with the formulas, that would explain a jump.Also are the formulas on the same row as the argument.Once you turn it on, it's on - even if you don't save the workbook!

A workbook of mine that worked fine for several years, when using Excel 2003, suddenly refused to update all the formulas, after a switch to Excel 2010. When someone tells you that formulas aren’t calculating, it’s probably because the Calculation setting has been changed to Manual, instead of Automatic.

Simply replace the range part of your formula with the I think people are misunderstanding.

You're inserting a row at the TOP of your range correct?

If I had used absolute references, the formula would return the same total for each salesperson, but that's not what I did.

If you check the Formula bar in the figure, you can see that I didn't use absolute references (I apologize if you can't make that out!

The formula with "E2" for example -- is it on row 2.