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Excel updating separate spreadsheets

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have a look at it, study it and post back if you have any questions Okay, that's really close to what I need.Thanks a lot, I'm already way closer than I would have been able to work out alone (I haven't dealt with any code since I was about 7, putzing around in BASIC for fun).

This is a great productivity tool and can reduce the need for additional worksheets!Selecting the option labeled Send the current sheet as the message body and then clicking OK causes the current spreadsheet to be entered as the body of an outbound email message; you need only to enter the recipient's address and send the message.While this method works great if you only wish for your recipient to see the data, the downside is that the recipient does not have Excel functionality with the data when they receive it, as it is the body of the message.I changed the master sheet name to match my workbook, changed the ranges it selects to match my workbook, and took out the section for adding the sheet name before the data (don't need that), what I've got now is I think I need to change tracks here.What I really need is a macro that will track any changes made to the departmental worksheets (Changes will be new rows added) and append those new rows to the end of the Master Worksheet.In this tutorial, you will learn how to link worksheet data in all versions of Excel.

You will also learn hints and tips on how to work with this cool feature. PS: The terms In Excel, a link is a formula that dynamically pulls in data from a cell in another worksheet.

Is there a way to monitor any changes made to these sheets & automatically copy new data to the first empty row of the Master sheet?

I have one Master excel file called "00" containing 3 sheets "00", "01", "02". I need to have 2 separate excel files called "01" and "02" that connect to "01" and "02" sheets in master file "00".

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Many times, business professionals need to email a single Excel worksheet – and not an entire workbook – to an associate, client, customer, or third-party.

This is just one of many reasons the Excel software program is so powerful.