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Despite its seeming allegiance to Chaos, a closer scrutiny of the Alpha Legion's known history indicates that their seeming service to Chaos Undivided might actually be the greatest deception they have played upon the Imperium.

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He also wore the standard Shinigami outfit, but with the addition of the 10th Division's insignia on the left breast of his outfit.This is even more the case with the Alpha Legion, because the XX Legion embraced misdirection and stealth as its primary means of conducting war.The Alpha Legion was the last of the Legiones Astartes to be united with its Primarch, only serving under him for a few standard decades before the Horus Heresy erupted.Depending on which amplifier and specific system you choose, our single in-fairing mounted amplifiers can power 2, 4, 6 or 8 total main speakers on your Harley Bagger, along with up to 8 total tweeters.Each custom kit listed below is completely assembled together with the amplifier already dialed in for each exact speaker configuration, to provide the on-highway volume, clarity and overall performance that most riders only dream about..The Legion was known as secretive in the extreme, favouring cunning ruses and clandestine deployments, and as such very little is known of its deeds.

While most accounts involving the Traitor Legions are unreliable, those that mention the Alpha Legion are regarded by most Imperial savants with outright scepticism.

After training for an unspecified amount of time in preparation to fight the Wandenreich, Tōshirō's hair appears to have grown longer, his fringe now reaching down to his eyes despite being held up by a newly acquired bandanna.

He also appears lankier than before, with his robes loosely hanging off of his body.

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Tōshirō Hitsugaya (日番谷 冬獅郎, Hitsugaya Tōshirō) is the captain of the 10th Division in the Gotei 13. He formerly served as the 3rd Seat of the 10th Division under Isshin Shiba.

They are experts in infiltration and their armies contain many Chaos Cultists in addition to regular Chaos Space Marines.