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Internationella kvinnodagen levererar kraft, kärlek, gemenskap och stöttning på Centralstationen bland många leenden och rörda ögon !#internationalwomensday #internationellakvinnodagen #icantkeepquiet #icantkeepquietstockholm #flashmobstockholm #flashmob #empowerwomen A post shared by Jennie Persson (@jennienpe) on In Gothenburg, people braved cold and wet weather to take part in a similar flash mob at the Götaplatsen square, at the end of main drag Avenyn.

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Flash mobs took place in some of Sweden’s biggest cities on Wednesday as International Women’s Day was marked by mass sing-alongs, including at Stockholm’s Central Station, which was filled by participants.

Just over 1,000 people said they would take part in the rally at Stockholm's main rail hub, and on Wednesday afternoon the entrance hall was turned pink by people wearing knitted "pussyhats".

‘Notwithstanding your age and infirmity, the public requires protection from you and the discouragement of others who might consider the same path,’ Sheriff Mc Culloch said.