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Foot cams

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I stepped on a sting ray last weekend, but got off it in time that it didn't get me (thank god because it f**ing hurts! You can also take Advil or something, but no asprin. The pain probably won't go completely away, but it should feel dramatically better. Actually if anything weird at all goes on go see a doctor.

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After the foot and leg are in place, the boot is wrapped around the front of the leg and over the top of the foot, and then securely closed with Velcro straps.The boot is attached to two aluminum mechanisms, one on either side of the ankle.These aluminum mechanisms are made of a vertical bar with an adjustable joint mechanism at the base.The application of this method to racing was immediately appreciated and Macgregor stormed to both the world one hundred and four hundred foot prusiking records.At the time of writing, his time over four hundred feet (and I understand that it is somewhere around the four and a half minute mark) still holds the world record.Your doctor might also prescribe a cam walker to keep pressure off an ulcerated area on the foot.

A cam walker consists of a soft, one-piece foam “boot,” which opens entirely down the front.

As potentially the biggest swell of the winter approaches Europe, a handful of surfers are weathering that storm of anxiety before the big day. We’ve got myself, Garret Mc Namara, Hugo Vau, Andrew Cotton, and Alessandro Marciano. We’ve got radio spotters on the cliff trying to get everyone in a cohesive plan. I really haven’t surfed too much in the last month or so. But if the chance comes tomorrow to whip into a big one, I’ll go for it. I’ve had a lot of really good experiences here, including the contest.

Jamie Mitchell is among the group, waiting for the waves to arrive at Nazaré in Portugal. But everyone’s nervous not knowing what exactly is going to happen. What sort of preparation goes into big swells like this? The last day and a half has been nonstop preparation. The surfing should be the easiest part, but the prepping has been so tiring. Some great waves, some amazing times – I hope to continue that over the next few days. Even if I don’t surf tomorrow, just to see it as a fan of the ocean and big waves, I just want to be here for that.

The sting is a self-defense mechanism when they get stepped on or threatened. In the case that you do get stung come to the beach as quick as possible, don't panic because it will only increase your circulation, thus aiding in the movement of the toxin through your body.

The Sting Ray Shuffle is your first line of defense. If you do feel something soft and squishy under your foot step off of it as quick as possible. Also you want to try and limit anything that may bring on symptoms of shock. Go home, or to the nearest lifeguard or fire station to treat it. I've had a woman compare it to child birth and seen full-on tattooed gang bangers cry like little sissys, conversly I've seen little girls walk away with relatively little discomfort. Pretty much the only real thing you can do for the pain is soak the sting in hot water, as hot as you can stand, but don't go burnin' yourself. If it looks like the sting ray barb is still in your foot see a doctor for treatment.

Seal Beach lifeguard and all around nice guy Jake Howard responds: Ahh, the infamous sting ray wound.