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Formview itemupdating event

If user clicks on paging link at bottom of Detail View control, then Page Index Changing event fires.

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I can't for the life of me figure out when On Item Updated gets fired.The Details View supports both declarative and programmatic databinding.Details View control supports the edit, insert, delete and paging functionality.quickdoc=414 Hope this helps, Imar --------------------------------------- Imar Spaanjaars , thatswhy i am not able to bind the file upload control to image field.i have not used any code for file uploader if you think that this method is wrong can you tell me another method to do it i know that i am asking too much but i would greatfull to u tell me preferably in c# thankyou Data Source ID="Sql Data Source1" Style="z-index: 100; left: 32px; position: absolute; top: 88px" Height="368px" Width="560px" Back Color="#DEBA84" Border Color="#DEBA84" Border Style="None" Border Width="1px" Cell Padding="3" Cell Spacing="2" Grid Lines="Both" On Item Inserted="Form View1_Item Inserted" On Item Updated="Form View1_Item Updated" On Item Deleted="Form View1_Item Deleted"Hi rakuntal, My article mainly helps you with writing the code for saving and retrieving files from the database. To mix those concepts with controls like the Form View, you need to look into some basic Data Control Tutorials: Star...a/ particular, search Google for more information about handling the Item Inserting and Item Updating events. NET 2.0 Instant Results and Beginning Dreamweaver MX / MX 2004 to linkbutton "Insert Button". ;) Imar --------------------------------------- Imar Spaanjaars Detail View is one of the important control, that is mainly used in master-detail scenario.

You select the record from master control (as example Grid View) and selected record is displayed in Detail View control.

The Item Command also applies to objects like the Form View, and adds a lot of flexibility to your applications.

First add it to the container definition (a Form View in this example): You can do a lot of cool stuff in the Item Command procedure, but here we’re going to focus on a common problem: calculating fields before saving to the database.

Inside these events, you can use Find Control to find the file upload control and work from there. when this button is clicked and file for that corresponding row is browsed, write this code in Form View1_Item Inserting(not Form View1_Item Inserted): string arg = e. To String(); // arg will contain the Id from the database for corresponding row if (File Upload1.

Hope this helps, Imar --------------------------------------- Imar Spaanjaars

NET trying to learn it, so some of the things you see in this code might be purposely done the hard way (so I can better understand whats going on behind the scenes) Basically, I have a Grid View that is the master control that uses a formview as a detail.