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And the prosecutors got to weigh all of the evidence, the jury is going to parse every little movement. And they make it very clear that they are either 12, 13 or 14 years old.You're going to see professionals, as the piece showed, who are otherwise trying to show that they're good people, trying to throw substantial doubt... MCEVOY: Dan, I don't want to take issue with the idea that it looks like some crimes were committed.

Ravi was tried and convicted in 2012 on multiple charges related to the webcam viewing.Discover Cards: You can use a Discover card by choosing Paypal at check out (No Pay Pal account is required).If you still cannot process your prepaid card, please contact us with the full card info and zip code and we’ll be glad to run the card through our alternate provider.For example, a discussion between a resident’s roommate and visitors, or two staff members’ private conversation.The opponents’ logic is “better safe than sorry.” There are those, however, who counsel to keep the audio enabled.And people like myself, who are all for these cameras, we know from research already with police, that if you have a camera people are less likely to do dangerous things.

So yes, I think we should have sound.” Audio not recorded When Camille Parent set up a hidden camera in his mother’s room at St.

– September 22, 2010) was an 18-year-old American student at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey, who jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge on September 22, 2010.

On September 19, 2010, Clementi's roommate, Dharun Ravi, used a webcam on his dorm-room computer and his hallmate Molly Wei's computer to view, without Clementi's knowledge, Clementi kissing another man.

One came into the house completely naked and sat down in the kitchen, where Hansen met him and kindly handed him a towel to cover himself up. -- where the hidden camera investigation took place -- police say no crimes were committed. I mean it seems pretty clear that there are laws against even sending some of this material that they sent to the decoys, why is no one being charged?

A rabbi was so upset at being caught that he even seemingly went after Hansen. On Tuesday, Del Harvey from, who acted as a decoy in this operation, former Virginia State Prosecutor Tim Mc Evoy, and former federal prosecutor Matthew Yarbrough joined MSNBC's Dan Abrams to discuss why these men were allowed to walk free. TIM MCEVOY, FORMER VIRGINIA PROSECUTOR: Dan, I think the question is extremely legitimate.

Faced with fears and suspicions similar to those of the families in our W5 investigation, some people have set up so-called “granny cams” to see what is happening inside nursing homes when they are not there.