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Anonymous Operations released the hacking tool on Twitter and called for followers to translate it into other languages.Hackers have been targeting websites of organizations they see as hostile to Wiki Leaks and its Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange, who was arrested in London this week on allegations unconnected to the website's publication of secret documents.

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"Before the recession, consumers were encouraged to carry debt, and spending was seen almost as a patriotic thing to do to stimulate the economy," said Michael Solomon, professor of marketing and director of the Center for Consumer Research at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. Credit card debt isn't as accepted now; it carries more of a stigma." The recession, which began at the end of 2008, saw consumers sharply curtail credit card spending.A self-parody commercial featured "The Best of the First 20 Minutes", a parody of Broadway Video's series of SNL compilation videos.It offered a compilation of bits from the Cameron Diaz/Smashing Pumpkins September 1998 episode before that episode had even finished.You must enter the code immediately after the PIN, with no spaces.According to the old saying, you shouldn't talk about religion or politics in polite company.The overall amount of credit card debt dropped 8.8 percent in 2009 and 7.6 percent in 2010, before leveling out in subsequent years, according to the Federal Reserve.

In February, Americans owed $848 billion in revolving debt (almost all in the form of credit card debt).

The only other topic that makes people hold their tongues that much? Americans are more comfortable talking about politics, their religious views and their ages than they are talking about how much debt they carry on their credit cards, according to a new poll conducted for Credit

The poll also found Americans less willing to talk about their debt than they were five years ago, when the recession was just beginning to take shape.

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The attack was supposed to have started at about 11 a.m. has massive server capacity -- much more than that of Mastercard or Visa -- in order to handle the holiday e-commerce rush.