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These caps have nothing to do with network congestion and everything to do with collecting as much rent as possible from tenants who often have no choice.

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For years ISPs have clamored about a mobile data crunch that never materialized to justify data caps and outrageous prices, and wouldn’t you know it, now they have the solution.Danny is seen on CCTV punching a literal hole in a wall of a psych ward and then several days later is on national television like nothing happened. We spend three episodes watching Danny try to get control of a company back, even though he doesn’t really want it, only for him to just have Harold give it back to him.16. Also, Kyle was murdered and then everyone just sort of forgot about it.18. ...which means this character knew that Danny would fly to China, defeat her minions, decide to fly her 12 hours back to New York City, steal sodium pentothal, drug her with it, run off with a Hand faction led by Bakuto, inevitably learn that Bakuto is the true leader of The Hand, defeat him, and then come back to free her from The Hand’s compound. During the final fight sequence, Danny kicks a gun out of Harold’s hand and then..runs away? At the very end, Danny sees the eyes of the dragon in the red lights on the roof, but they never explain what that even means. Why spend an entire show talking about both a dragon and a whole city that they didn’t have the budget to show? How do Davos, Joy, and Madame Gao — none of whom ever meet onscreen — all end up together at the end? Other than one reporter’s question about him being in a mental hospital at the press conference, everyone’s cool with it.9. Does Harold's assistant Kyle have any family or friends or anything? Ward Meachum carries multiple dead bodies out of his dad’s penthouse by himself.19. She met him, like, three days ago and he’s a giant asshole to her pretty much the whole time.20. And the goal of this whole plan was so she could tell Danny some manipulative stuff about his family working with The Hand.35. She signed them and waited for her counseling session. by the time a staff member walked her down a long hallway.[Intro: Drake] Murda on the beat, so it's not nice Yeah It’s a Habibis ting, ya?T-Mobile has just announced "Binge On," a deal that gives customers unlimited access to Netflix, HBO Go, ESPN, Showtime, and video from most other huge media brands (but not You Tube! It’s just like T-Mobile’s "Music Freedom" promotion, which gives customers unlimited high-speed data, as long as they’re listening to music from Spotify, Google Play Music, or one of T-Mobile’s other partners.

It sounds like a sweet deal, and many customers will benefit! When John Herrman writes that the next internet is TV — and you should believe him — this is part of how we get there.

[Verse 1: Drake] Yeah, my side girl got a 5S with the screen cracked Still hit me back right away, better not never hesitate Don't come around thinkin' you gettin' saved Tryna show the dogs brighter days Got a torch, tryna light the way Bitin' everybody, which is ironic 'cause your next album probably won't ever see the light of day Had fans, but you let 'em down But I guess that's how you niggas gettin' down I'm so high up I'm like, "How is niggas really gettin' down?

" I could never have a kid, then be out here still kiddin' round Boys playin' around, where you really wanna take it now?

You know that viral picture that shows ISP internet bundles being sold as cable packages?

That’s basically what’s happening here, except it’s more difficult to stop because, as the FCC might say, there’s "no obvious consumer harm" in giving people free stuff. This scheme is called "zero rating," and people like Susan Crawford have been warning us for a while about the risk it poses for the open internet.

Danny gets attacked by a patient dressed up like a doctor when he first gets committed — which, I'm sorry, what? Which means no member of his incredibly famous family ever gave a DNA sample or had any medical records ever taken? If Danny doesn’t care about material possessions why does he even want the company in the first place? The Meachums try to burn his medical records, starting an incredibly suspicious fire that destroys hundreds of people’s records and almost kills a woman and no one brings that up ever again as maybe being a weird thing to have happened.14. Because right before The Hand shows up to punish him for leaving his penthouse, he’s seen fighting with a personal trainer. The Hand is depicted as an army of vaguely Yakuza-like ninjas digging a giant hole in the second season of Daredevil, but now we learn they’re also mercenaries making heroin in China? Madame Gao is captured again, by Bakuto, and left to die in a locked room. So how is the board able to hold an emergency meeting and decide to oust Joy, Ward, and Danny? Also, majority shareholders can’t usually just unilaterally decide what companies do.45. Why is a guy who doesn’t really work at a company and who doesn’t care about wealth doing a bunch of PR photoshoots? How is it that Harold Meachum just strolls into work one day after BEING DEAD FOR 15 YEARS and everyone’s like, sure, yeah, you work here now.47. No one at the Department of Justice is like, “What the fuck is happening over there? Are you telling me no one in 15 years has noticed a whole empty floor? Danny keeps telling people not to use a cell phone because The Hand can track it but is seen using a cell phone pretty much throughout the whole show.53. And lastly, this isn’t so much a question, but over the course of ONE SEASON, Ward is a bad guy and then becomes a good guy, Harold is a bad guy who is then revealed to be a good guy who is then revealed to be a bad guy, Joy is a bad guy who is revealed to be a good guy who then becomes a bad guy, Colleen is a good guy who is revealed to be working with the bad guys, then is revealed to actually be a good guy, and Davos is Danny’s best friend who then decides to kill him.