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Chat rooms are an ideal place to meet people, we are chat site based in England, however, welcome people from all over the world and the UK, with one click of the mouse button you can join the fun. feature now enables any Joomla powered website to integrate your existing account system directly to the chat.This includes creating a custom i OS, i Phone, i Pad and Android Joomla mobile app from your Joomla website or Joomla User Account System.Similar to a radio interview, podcast or television discussion where people are talking amongst each other while an audience listens or views along, expert chat mode is the same concept in a virtual environment Design and select which features you want in your app!Add chat rooms, private messaging, RSS feeds, Forum, Audio content, Social links.* Fan favorite (paranormal): “Trial by Moon,” “Katie’s Hellion,” “Dark Summer,” “Kiera’s Moon,” “Zoey Rogue,” “The Door” * About a reader who gets sucked into a book: “Black Moon Draw” * Contemporary romance: “Semper Mine,” “Soldier Mine” * Spicy urban fantasy/paranormals: “Zoey Rogue”,”Charred Heart,” “Trial by Moon” * Weird, wild or different: “Supervillainess,” “The Door,” “Aveline,” “Trial by Moon” * Sweet (fade to black sex scenes) paranormal romance: “Damian’s Oracle,” “Katie’s Hellion,” “Xander’s Chance” * Steamy novellas: (paranormal) “Trial Series,” “101 Nights,” (novelette) “A Night Worth Dying For” * Teen reads: (paranormal) “Dark Summer,” (voodoo) “Cursed,” (Greek gods “Omega,” (post apocalyptic) “Aveline,” (drama) “Broken Beauty” * Lizzy’s first book ever: “Damian’s Oracle” * Time travel: “West” * Sci-Fi romance: (dystopian) “Rebel Heart,” (alien) “Kiera’s Moon,” (futuristic) “Star Kissed,” (alternate dimensions) “The Door) * First books in each series: “Aveline” (Lost Vegas Novellas) “Trial by Moon” (Trial Series) “Damian’s Oracle” (War of Gods) “Katie’s Hellion” (Rhyn Trilogy) “Gabriel’s Hope” (Rhyn Eternal) “Charred Heart” (Heart of Fire) “Dark Summer” (Witchlings) “Zoey Rogue” (Incubatti) “Hear No” (Hidden Evil) “West” (History Interrupted – standalones) “Semper Mine” (Sons of War – standalones) “Severed” (Starwalkers) “Cursed” (Voodoo Nights) “Broken Beauty” (Broken Beauty Novellas) “Xander’s Chance” (Damian Eternal) “Elle’s Journey” (The Foretold Trilogy) Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, i Books, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords.

Those marked with an * are available on order in paperback from your local bookstore!

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