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Plus it works with an AIM ID, with your Facebook login or Google Talk.

Maybe you’d get a dollar or two every week — you’d hide it away to save up for something big, or you’d feverishly rush to the store and spend it all at once and quickly fall into sugar shock from your candy purchases. This time not from your parents, but from your partner."We recognize that \[this inappropriate conduct and content\] is a common industrywide problem," MSN's Lisa Gurry said."We've taken a look at our service and how we can make efforts to step up our efforts to provide a safe environment ...If you have neither you can sign up for a free AIM ID by clicking on “Get a username”.Then login with the ID you choose Once logged in, type “majorityfm” in the search field and then click “Add as buddy” At the next screen click “ Add” then select Buddies Majority FM now appears on your Buddies List.I realize this is more out of necessity than spite, yet the situation greatly impacts my already poor financial situation and also my dream of attending graduate school.

I’m so angry with my parents for putting me in this circumstance instead of supporting me to get a graduate degree for my dream job, and I feel selfish about that.

Double click the entry and that will open up a text box where you can send IM’s directly to Sam!

Microsoft announced this morning that, to reduce criminal exploitation of children, pornographic spam, and other inappropriate uses, the company will shut down its free MSN chat rooms in Asia, Europe, and Latin America and will limit the service in Brazil, Canada, Japan, and the United States.

HOW TO IM SAM DURING THE SHOW Looking for the easiest way to Instant Message (IM) Sam Seder at The Majority Report during the live Members Only post show?

AIM Express launches straight from the browser and does not require you to install anything.

Microsoft currently provides local MSN content in 33 countries and 17 languages, and the company says that more than 200 million people use the service worldwide; more than 1.2 million people access the MSN chat rooms. In my programs is one that says you can install parental controls, why isnt it being used??