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Homeowners can also turn lights on or off remotely or create a schedule. —Another option is Be ON Home protection system, which retails for $199 and provides smart modules with rechargeable batteries hidden inside LED light bulbs.The lights can be used during a power outage and are automatically activated in a sequence when someone rings the doorbell.

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Motion-sensing and Wireless Security Lights A poorly lit property allows burglars to go unseen, and motion-sensing or automatic lights are meant to combat that.Michael Lyle/View file photo High-technology home protection tools are evolving.Instead of door alarms, many gadgets offer discreet security features with the ability to control them from an application on a smartphone, giving users instant knowledge about what is happening inside and outside their home at all times, and with good reason, too. “Burglaries are very frequent in the Las Vegas area,” said Larry Hadfield, spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department.They are usually flattering and made to appear casual.Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arm's length or pointed at a mirror, rather than by using a self-timer.Capable of taking up to 30 photos per second, it is ideal for sports, parties, action or simply for those who insist on quantity over quality.99p, Android With more than a million downloads, there is no doubt that this is one of the best photo apps available for Android mobiles.

There are a host of great features, such as a 6x pinch zoom, super-fast shutter speed and customisation of all hardware buttons.

Doug Barnett, an exhibitor with Vivint Smart Home, demonstrates how the system works during 2016 CES.

When the doorbell rings, people get a text message notification on their phone.

There are times when you want to read the entire message from the contact or group, but due to shortage of time, you prefer to read it later. So why not mark them as unread to read it up later.

You can also mark chats as unread to mark them as important for later too.

Now, avoid all those steps and simply pull down the notification bar and hit ‘reply’ to instantly reply to that message and avoid wasting time opening Whats App. Backup to Google drive Save all your chats and files from Whats App by backing it up to your Google Drive.