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Game boy advance dating sims

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has the player taking omniscient control over a household and directing the semi-autonomous inhabitants in coping with their daily routines.

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Despite the fact that every version bore the same title, these console versions were heavily modified to suit the limitations of their respective platforms.Every character has his or her own personality sliders that indicate how nice, physically active, playful, neat, and outgoing they tend to be, and they can also study up on fundamental skills like cooking and mechanical repair to gain skill points and improve the quality of their own lives.Jobs, which traditionally simply removed sims from play for a number of hours, have been spiced up with the addition of "chance cards" which describe a work-related dilemma and allow the player to choose how the character should react.After all, it seems like they’re constantly announcing new titles!We’ve gone through the grunt work of finding each one.The player's Sim then stars in 12 episodes of the series.

In between episodes, the Sim plays mini games and socializes with other Sims.

Some also did not appear in any of these games but have an interesting background.

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The best SP is the AS-101 model as it has a much brighter screen, but few were made as they were made right as the GBA started to die.

Though some feel the SP is damn uncomfy on the hands (and lack of batteries sucks if you don't have a plug nearby).

The screen is smaller and the li'l portable must recharge like the SP, but damn is it easy to carry around.