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She’s a first-generation college student who worked her way through the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she earned a degree in political science. Montoya and Nguyen are facing off against each other by virtue of a California Voting Rights Act lawsuit filed in 2015 that alleged the city’s at-large election system disenfranchised Latino voters, who make up 37 percent of the city’s population but have never held a seat on the City Council.

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After graduating from Santiago High School, he spent a decade in the Army and was staff director for the U. He ran an unsuccessful campaign for council in 2014.The main products that are produced by Anyang include machinery, electronics, medicine, film and textiles.Many information technology industries have located in this regional area.To encourage interest in and a value for different cultures.To develop a process whereby Garden Grove residents have the means and opportunities to learn about and communicate with people from foreign countries.Garden Grove, California is a place where the sun is always shining.

It’s in southern California and has about 170,000 people living in it.

Regardless of who wins Garden Grove’s newly established District 6 City Council seat in next Tuesday’s election, the first council member of Latino descent in the city’s 60-year history will be sworn in with the new council in December.

The choices for voters in this majority Latino district on the east side of town, where the streets begin to meld into Santa Ana, are two Democrats: Rickk Montoya, a 42-year-old 911 dispatcher for the city of Los Angeles; and 25-year-old Kim Nguyen, a second-generation Vietnamese Latina who works for Cal Optima.

It is also served by a regional transportation system, including rails, subways, and freeways.

Some vestiges of natural beauty such as forests, scenic farmlands, and rolling hills still can be seen at outskirts of Anyang.

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