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Gay mormon dating

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If you are lucky, you may find a gay guy with “that one thing”, but numbers are squarely against you.And then there is this thing called God’s commandments.

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If all that is true – and there is no reason for anyone to believe otherwise – why on earth do I dare to write a blog post with advice on dating? And if you are anything like me, you will realize that for some strange reason straight guys are uniformly more attractive. But then, you can’t date straight guys, at least not in a traditional gay sense of the word.Now, not only do I have to find someone to date, I have to figure out if she knows about my blog, and, if not, I have to tell her. but adding in impossibility on my side makes it okay to break the fourth wall, right? Okay, ladies and gentlemen, after I kind of proved myself to be capable of writing serious pieces that can be found here and here and here – and I hope you won’t mock me for claiming that they are serious – I now decided to change the tone and take it on a lighter side. I haven't really dated since November, when I shared my identity here on (Gay) Mormon Guy.Relationships seem way more complicated now because there's yet another variable I have to analyze. That wouldn't be okay if they were interested in me and there was a chance I could be interested in them...I'm autistic, bipolar, and attracted to other guys (gay/SSA/whatever). I look normal, sound normal, feel normal to those who interact with me.

More importantly, I'm a son of God and faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). But when lines of communication get entangled (as they often do), or the stakes of a relationship rise and closeness grows (as usually happens), my dance of normalcy disappears. A rare few see through the muddled mess into who I really am. And then somehow, suddenly, a series of mistakes ensued and the relationship became unbearable.

When social grace has any leniency towards actions and words, my actions fall neatly within the margin of error.

I find myself blindly making misstep after misstep, until the other dancers simply walk away. But I think most people on the receiving end of my chaotic awkwardness feel subconsciously betrayed. In a perfect world, people would be able to see through the problems that others face.

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