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Machtan’s book is thoroughly researched, but he fails to unearth any conclusive evidence that proves Hitler’s sexual proclivity for other men.Machtan presents several series of historical facts, anecdotes, and quotes, and draws the conclusion from each that Hitler had engaged in homosexual conduct.

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The alliance between Hitler and the race he vowed to annihilate — the only instance of Jews fighting for Germany’s allies — is one of the most extraordinary aspects of the Second World War, and yet hardly anyone, including many Finns, know anything about it.Three major developments can account for this sea change.One is a growing interest in the scientific bases of Nazi racism, specifically, the science of eugenics. The third is the lowering of taboos about studying sexuality and, particularly, sexual minorities.Röhm recruited his friends, even appointing one of his lovers, Edmund Heines, to be his deputy.Art historian Christian Isermayer described an early meeting of the SA as “quite well behaved but thoroughly gay”.The reasons why it’s rarely told go right to the heart of what it means to be Jewish and that race’s quest to be accepted by a long list of unenthusiastic host nations.

The Jewish veterans – a handful of whom are still alive today – insist they’re not ashamed of what they did.

He feared and hated anyone who was different, including people who might look like this German ideal but think or act differently.

For example, a person’s political or religious views might deviate from the Nazi’s concept of ‘normality’.

[End Page 22] If words appear inadequate to describe either the excruciating violence of Nazism (Adorno's "to write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric") or the sensory pleasures of sex (Barthes's "Bliss is unspeakable"), we might expect to be doubly frustrated as we struggle to conjure up the intersections of Nazism and sex.

Thus it is perhaps fitting that the last twenty-five years have seen remarkable advances in our understanding of sexuality under Nazism.

Propaganda films were made to show this ideal of young German men and women.