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Google finance android app not updating

Reviews were hovering in the low 3's earlier this month.Aside from integration with the web version of Google Finance (which is still very much alive), it didn't offer anything that wasn't available in other stock market apps.

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Use this page if events you created or updated aren't showing on your computer or in the Google Calendar app.Follow these steps on the device you're using the Google Calendar app on. Make sure you're connected to the Internet To check that you're using the Google Calendar app, make sure the app's icon looks like this: .Next, make sure the Google Calendar app is up to date by checking on Google Play (Android) or i Tunes (i Phone). If they didn't work, read through these instructions on your computer while you try the steps on your device.To restart your phone, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds. If you don't see "Restart," press and hold the Power button for about 30 seconds, until your phone restarts.Clearing cached data can free up needed space by removing temporary files from your device.In any case, it's gone now: Finance disappeared from the Play Store without ceremony last night.

Between the lack of updates and a surprising apathy on Google's part, it's unlikely that the Android version of Finance will be missed.

If the troubleshooting steps above didn't help, post in the Calendar Help Forum where an expert can help you troubleshoot.

When you post in the forum, mention the troubleshooting steps you tried from this page.

The typical Update Wednesdays, wherein Google released new versions of its many and varied Android apps, will be a little less busy from now on.

Not that Google released many updates for the Android version of Google Finance anyway - according to the Internet Archive, the last time the app was touched was way back in January of 2013.

Run this command in your project's root directory: ./gradlew : YOUR-MODULE-NAME:dependencies After adding those ) can work with slightly older versions of its dependencies/modules (which are already imported into my build path by another library (Robolectric)). To avoid this error use necessary example if you want to use Maps in your app.