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He'd been telling her that the whole time they'd been together. But that day she found out he had been hanging out with his ex — this girl named Rachel. She asked Sarah to go to the mall after school, maybe the movies. Sarah posted My Space photos of herself with Josh at the beach. For months, Rachel's friends had been telling her to forget about Josh. But when you're 19, independent and headstrong, you don't listen. "We didn't know what it was about Josh," Egle would say later. • • • Rachel and Sarah hated each other, saw each other as competition. Sarah was sprawled by the curb, surrounded by paramedics. "I knew there was nothing anyone could do." He drove Josh to the hospital, but Josh refused to see Sarah. Sarah Ludemann's funeral was a month before the high school prom.All morning, while she suffered through school, Rachel was texting Sarah, boasting that Josh was with her. She bragged that she had been with him in New York over spring break. "He just had some kind of hold on her." That afternoon — April 14, 2009 — Egle asked Rachel if she wanted to get together later, maybe hit Starbucks. But they were more alike than either would have liked to admit. By the time her parents saw her body, Josh was gone. More than a year later, her parents keep her bedroom a shrine to her.

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Brighton City Centre is only 10 miles (or an 11 minute train ride) away and Gatwick Airport can be reached in just 20 minutes by road.They went to the same school, walked the same halls. Both were blond, outgoing, with wide eyes and loud laughs. Sarah Ludemann was tall and big-boned, a good student who seldom broke her 11 p.m. On her My Space page, she called herself "Independent Chic." But the main thing Rachel and Sarah shared was Josh Camacho. Her trial for second-degree murder is scheduled to begin Tuesday. As for Josh Camacho, he wasn't allowed at Sarah's funeral. Police say his parents shipped him off to relatives in New York. Lane De Gregory can be reached at [email protected] (727) 893-8825.He was "My boo." "My baby." "My man." Two girls' one and only. "He don't live here no more," his mom said when called at her Pinellas Park home. "Everyone already put his reputation down so bad, told so many lies about my boy," she said. Read more Sixth former Allegra C is quickly becoming a name to watch in the world of fashion.Her latest triumph was 1st place in the ‘Design for an Icon’ competition at the ICHF Events Fashion and Embroidery Show.But not everyone was happy with the series: A porn star and two webcam performers featured in it claimed that they appeared on-screen against their will.

In an interview with after she grew uncomfortable discussing her family.

He swore he cared about her, but it didn't feel that way. He ran the two blocks to Sarah's house, told her dad she had been in a fight.

Her boyfriend, Josh, had slept over the night before, then bolted.

There was a real buzz in the air at our March Open Day, and it wasn’t just the drone we’d hired for aerial filming.

There were treasure hunts, netball competitions, pottery and photography workshops, and a special visit from Dr Ranj from CBeebies.

By the end, they all discover what it is that they want.