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Harrier ii stol v validating

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The British Aerospace Harrier II was a second-generation vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) jet aircraft used previously by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and, between 20, the Royal Navy (RN).The aircraft was the latest development of the Harrier Jump Jet family, and was derived from the Mc Donnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II.

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We want to win wars by pushing buttons in an air-conditioned office in Colorado.As Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) highlighted, timely air mobility and sustainment of U. The article begins by examining an earlier modular aircraft-the Fairchild XC-120. An article in Air Force Magazine addressing early mobility lessons-learned from OIF noted that "demand for airlift far exceeds supply, and senior USAF officers say it is time to expand the fleet. Together, these features provide an attractive acquisition option for developing a new mobility system that would not only replace a broad range of aging aircraft as they reach the end of their economic lives, but would also continue to provide state-of-the-art warfare capabilities through the development and introduction of new or upgraded mission modules.ה־AV8-B הוא תכנון מחודש של הדגם הקודם, AV-8A/C הרייר, שנעשה על ידי חברת מקדונל דאגלס.נעשה תכנון מחודש של הכנף והגוף, תא הטייס הוגבה, והוכנסו שיפורים מבניים ואווירודינמיים שונים. בשדרוגים מאוחרים יותר של המטוס, (AV-8B(NA ו־AV8B הרייר 2 פלוס, נוסף מכ"ם ויכולות תקיפה בלילה.The Harrier II participated in numerous conflicts, making significant contributions in combat theatres such as Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The type's main function was as a platform for air interdiction and close air support missions; the Harrier II was also used for presence projection and reconnaissance duties.

מקדונל דאגלס (כיום בואינג) AV-8B הרייר II (באנגלית: Mc Donnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II) הוא מטוס תקיפה בעל יכולות המראה ונחיתה אנכית או קצרה.

המטוס הוא הדור השני של מטוס התקיפה הוקר סידלי הרייר, שפותח ויוצר בבריטניה, והוא תוצאה של מאמץ פיתוח משותף לארצות הברית ולבריטניה.

Franks, commander of US Central Command, was forced to modify his original war plan to live within USAF's 'constrained' airlift fleet. The CAT is envisioned as a C-5-sized aircraft that has more than twice the unrefueled range of the C-5 and that carries an interchangeable module in lieu of the traditional fuselage.

Also of interest, the secretary of defense's goal of being able to "deploy to a distant theater in 10 days, defeat an enemy within 30 days, and be ready for a new fight within another 30 days . This approach, embodied in the technological and operational features of an air-mobility concept known as the configu-rable air transport (CAT), offers a new alternative to the force commander for addressing the mobility, sustainment, and airpower-projection needs of twenty-first-century warfare.

Initial deliveries of the Harrier II were designated in service as Harrier GR5; subsequently upgraded airframes were redesignated accordingly as GR7 and GR9.