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Roughly three hours after the end of "Long Road Ahead", Lee, Kenny, Clementine, Ben, Charles, Christa and Omid finally reach the Atlantic city of Savannah.The next day, they start to walk through the town with Lee hanging on to Clementine's walkie-talkie incase the unarmed man tries to contact her again, despite Clementine's pleas for it back.

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The story follows Vincent Brooks, a man who is beset by supernatural nightmares while torn between his feelings for longtime girlfriend Katherine and the similarly-named beauty Catherine. It isn't about saving the world, rescuing a princess, or slaughtering scores of nameless troops.It is, instead, about a regular guy in over his head.On the occasion that I did sink some time into multiplayers aspects of games like Borderlands 2 or The Last of Us, I was mute.I hadnt bothered buying a headset for the PS3 knowing that Id be getting one included with my Play Station 4. Maybe I was spoiled by Naughty Dogs inclusion of a Mute All button in the multiplayer lobbies of The Last of Us.The game's difficulty can prove daunting, and scattered camera and control quirks sometimes hinder the fun.

But if you've got the right amount of courage and stamina, Catherine rewards you with an unusual experience you aren't apt to forget. End-chapter bosses terrorize you further, threatening to stab you with forks or rain down hearts on you that reverse your controls.

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After walking a while, Christa will ask to let Omid rest for a bit.

Lee can ask Kenny to wait for a while or can have them all keep pressing on.

He can also try to help Omid, or wait to be asked by Clementine.