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Home improvement the dating game imdb

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5-12 12 Dec 95 'Twas The Flight Before Christmas 113. 5-21 12 Mar 96 Engine And A Haircut, Two Fights 122.

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During their romantic dinner, Tim is distracted by a Detroit Lions game, much to Jill's irritation, and he is forced to choose between his wife and the game. 2-9 18 Nov 92 Where There's A Will, There's A Way 34. 2-12 16 Dec 92 I'm Scheming Of A White Christmas 37. Taking Wilson's advice, Tim apologizes in a subtle manner on his next Tool Time episode, and Jill forgives him.After Mark breaks one of Tim's oldest tools, he fears the worst when Brad and Randy take control of his guilt and fabricate a story about the traded son "Peter," who was given away because he wrecked Tim's tools. Note: This episode title is a parody reference to the 1990 Spike Lee film Mo' Better Blues.The character George "Sparky" Anderson is the same name as the major league baseball coach of the same name.

Since Tim Allen grew up in the Detroit area it's likely this is a tribute to Sparky.

He was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000 as a manager.

See more » It's Hot Rod week on Tool Time, as Tim is about to unveil a big historical moment: he is going to choose the color for the convertible top!

However, when Tim and Jill meet their son's new squeeze, they find out she's 4 years older than him. Jill immediately finds their difference in age to be a problem, while Tim is a bit more lenient. So after dating for two weeks, Brad and Samantha feel like they're a match made in heaven. Jill still feels maybe they're moving too fast, but Tim still seems to be okay with the relationship, as it isn't effecting Brad's academic and home life.

He's even tickled to learn Samantha wants to come with Brad to a taping of Tool Time, because....

To help him choose, Sparky Henderson brings out his color wheel and a book of swatches. But then he changes his mind just as quickly, and then going to take a while.