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Ics email widget not updating

ics email widget not updating-62

IMHO in most cases the default one is also the one used, even if this default didn't come with the device and was installed at a later time.Recently we made the jump to the latest Android sdk (15).

If you check logcat when running it in the emulator, you should notice the launcher outputting a message about invalid dimensions and the name of your widget will be attached to this line.This is a setting you have no control over - it's automatically added and you can't change it. It may seem like a small change but it will have a dramatic effect on your layouts.Essentially if you build using the ICS APIs, widgets are reduced in size by ~15% on ICS devices and While this was implemented solely to make Google's Launcher look better, it affects all launchers on the device.This lead me into looking at all my dimensions since it was yelling at me for height being 0. I know that Android 4.0 or later will automatically create a margin around the widget so I've implemented the suggestion on this developers API page to make the widgets approximately the same size on different Android versions. /* sorted alphabetically to be able to use Arrays.binary Search later on */ private final static String[] LAUNCHER_ALTERNATIVES = ; private final static String[] LAUNCHER_ALTERNATIVE_EXCEPTIONS = ; static public static boolean is Alternative Margins(Context context) The code above detects the default launcher and returns true, if it is Touch Wiz. Here's my res/xml/widget_At first I thought it had something to do with the widget not being properly updated as described here, but removing the widget and adding it again doesn't help.

EDIT 2: Modified for Android 4.1.2 on Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note where the widget margins work as expected.

For example here's the grid size difference between the native launcher and ADWLauncher EX on the Galaxy Nexus: Similar to Honeycomb, the new ICS launcher's grid isn't actually full screen.

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We found that there is no one ‘silver bullet’ method that played nicely with all the calendar apps – some people preferred adding events to their desktop apps, others web.

So we settled on providing subscribers with two methods: either download and add the event as an .ics, or add it to your Google Calendar. First up, it’s easy to mix up v Calendar’s with i Calendar’s files.

Here's what you'll see if you use the new sdk and use the built-in margins: The best solution for backwards size-compatibility is to use Samsung wants full screen-width sizing, HTC wants large but with a little padding, and Asus & Motorola seem to want to keep the tiny Nexus-like sizing.