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Audioholics prides itself in educating consumers (i.e. They devised a way for people that are bed-bound (Alzheimer’s, quadriplegia, hip fractures, etc) to still enjoy their TV without having to travel to their family room or reach for their TV remote at their desk. It’s a compact design with a near silent motor and a full cable management system.

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To make the story short, my background is a Baccalaureate degree in nursing from the University of South Florida, and was working towards my Masters Degree specialty in Occupation Health Nursing Practitioner.

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After a year of chronic nerve and muscle pain, muscle twitching, swelling, tingling, recent skin changes, now lightheadedness, I have just been diagnosed with autonomic neuropathy. I have started reading about this, but I'd like to hear experiences from other people who have been diagnosed with this peripheral neuropathy. I have been prescribed Lyrica 75mg 3x a day, Neurontin 300mg (building up to 3x a day), and percocet 10mg prn. I was having some dizziness before the Lyrica and Neurontin, but it has been worse over the past few days.