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Ink dating analysis

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This is done by: (1) comparing the rates and extents of extraction of questioned and known dated inks in organic solvents by thin-layer chromatography (TLC) densitometry; (2) comparing changes in dye concentrations by TLC and TLC densitometry; and (3) comparing the volatile ink components by gas chro-matography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

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Intertek offers inks chemical and physical testing analysis techniques, providing customer research, quality and problem solving support.Physical evidence of the Gospel of Judas' age was found not only within the papyruses but also in the ink that was used to pen the ancient Coptic script.Analysis suggests that the ink may itself constitute a unique and important discovery.Appointed by Circuit Court in Jacksonville, Florida. Marco Estrada Erich Speckin was retained by the Los Angeles County Prosecutor’s office to examine documents and perform Ink Dating.The court paid for Erich Speckin as the prosecution expert according to evidence code section 730. Anthony Rodgers Roger Bolhouse of Speckin Forensic Laboratories is appointed to re-examine footwear.Dating tags are unique chemicals that have been added to ball-point inks by some ink companies as a way to determine the year the ink was made.

Relative age comparison tests performed on inks of the same formula and written on the same type of paper with the same storage conditions (performed by measuring changing solubility properties of inks) can estimate how long inks have been written on paper.

Quincy Cross Speckin Forensics Laboratory is appointed by Circuit Court judge in capital murder case to analyze a notebook kept by a witness and to perform Ink Dating. United States Department of Agriculture Erich Speckin was retained by the U. Attorney to analyze a diary by the plaintiff and perform an Ink Dating analysis.

The task included checking the work performed by the FBI Laboratory and the Ink Analysis performed by the United States Secret Service Laboratory. Once the results were disclosed, the case resolved, potentially saving the government $6 Million. Dwayne Reed Erich Speckin appointed to conduct Ink Dating and ESDA analysis by Superior Court in San Fransico, CA. Demetrius Denard Cason Erich Speckin appointed to conduct Handwriting and Ink comparisons; Michael Sinke appointed to examine and develop Finger Prints by Circuit Court in Clear Water, Florida. Carmel Alfred Spiteri Erich Speckin appointed to conduct Ink Dating examination on a document by Superior Court in Ventura County, California · Document 1 Michigan Law Portion of Michigan Law regarding Court Appointment of expert witnesses in various areas of forensics and also right to experts by indigent defendants. Gerald Delane Murray Appointment of Erich Speckin to perform Ink Dating and ESDA analysis on DNA documents in homicide case.

Comparison of these chemical and physical properties of two or more inks can determine: (1) if the inks were made by the same manufacturer; (2) in some cases, whether the inks are products of the same production batch; and (3) the first production date of the specific ink formulation involved.

When dating tags are detected, it is possible to determine the actual year or years when the ink was manufactured.

If so, it could be a previously unknown "missing link" between the ancient world's carbon-based inks and the iron-gall alternatives that became popular in medieval times.